How to bring documentary films to your community! December 20 2016

Documentary films can be an incredible tool when used to bring communities together around a certain issue or topic. They have the power to entertain, educate and engage us in ways that few other mediums can.  At GathrEd we have seen first hand what can happen when communities come together for a screening of a documentary in their city.  

How can you bring a documentary film to your community if it isn't playing at the local theater for a week? Well, we have three ways you can host your own film screening event in your community. 

Single Screening Rentals: Single or one-time screening rentals are a great way to share a film if you are planning to host a one-time public screening event. Simply purchase a Single Screening Rental and host a free screening event in your community.

Institutional License: if you are an educational institution, film society, library, or non-profit organization with the intent of screening to groups of few people than 50 when no admission is charged, this is the option for you. 

Theatrical On Demand®: With Gathr® Films you can bring documentaries to a movie theater near you without having to pay a dollar. Just request a screening at the movie theater of your choice on the Date and Time that works best for you. Gathr® Films will handle all of the event logistics so you can focus on promoting the event and getting your community to reserve tickets. To find out how you can host a Theatrical On Demand® screening in your city click here.

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If you have any questions about which screening type is best for you or if you need an invoice for your organization contact us at