40 Weeks - Community Screening License



A documentary that delves into each week of a woman's pregnancy by interviewing moms about their own personal experiences. It serves as a road-map to support and guide moms, fathers and families through the life-changing process of pregnancy. The film follows pregnant women with diverse age, marital status, ethnicity, and economic backgrounds, documenting their weekly journey including: physical changes, day-today decisions, partnerships, families and community dynamics. Their diverse experiences, approaches and challenges will educate the audience through common pregnancy milestones including: finding out they're pregnant, increasing hormone levels, sonogram and first heartbeat, going public, miscarriage risks, amniocentesis & genetic reviews, premature birth survival, completed lung development and finally preparation to the delivery. As we explore the emotional hills and valleys encountered by our central cast 40 weeks will create a resource for women that helps them feel empowered...

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