PENTON: The John Penton Story PLUS Complete Season One of The Motocross Files - DVD 6-Pack

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Gathr Films now has the privilege of giving you the exclusive opportunity to own PENTON: The John Penton Story along with a discounted Season One of the hit TV series The Motocross Files on DVD.

Exclusive Pack Includes:

PENTON: The John Penton Story 

An American story about family, competition, ingenuity and business that will tug at hearts of everyone who sees it. What began with a humble motorcycle shop, turned into an international off-road racing career leading John Penton to the discovery of the need for a smaller machine which he was soon selling in the US. With his innovative Penton motorcycles he introduced riding to a new generation of riders around the world.

The Motocross Files - Season One Box Set

This is THE box set seven years in the making! The entire Season One collection of the hit TV series, plus hours and hours of bonus footage, scenes and extras that any true motocross and motorcycle fan will enjoy for years to come. This unique collection gives you all five of the full-length DVD’s of the first five shows that started it all.

Disc 1 – “Bad Brad” Lackey-After battling for 10 years in Europe as the solo American effort, Brad realized his dream in 1982 by becoming America’s first World Champion (and only 500cc World Champion).

Disc 2 – Marty Smith-The teen idol and Honda National champion. Marty was the 1974 and 1975 125cc National Champion and 1977 500cc National Champion along with being the truly first US superstar of the sport of motocross.

Disc 3 – “The Man” Roger DeCoster – DeCoster has never been featured like in this DVD. From his early beginning racing in Belgium to his five 500cc World titles, non one has done more for the sport of motocross in it’s history than Roger DeCoster.

Disc 4 – Ricky “Bad Boy” Johnson – If there was a rider that represented the flair and flash of the 80’s, RJ was it. His seven national supercross and motocross titles were only matched by his “too hip” way of life making him a fan favorite.

Disc 5  - Bob “Hurricane” Hannah – Perhaps the most determined rider to ever swing a leg over a motorcycle. Hannah did not like to lose and was known for his “hang on no matter what” style of riding which earned him seven national championships.


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